Wild Wild Misery

by Mortualia



Recorded during 2014-2015.
Mastered in February 2016 at Blackvox.


released February 25, 2016

Shatraug - guitars, bass, vocals
Thorns - drums



all rights reserved


Shatraug Finland

Old and new projects from the creative mind behind Horna and Sargeist to name a few... and here you find even more!

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Track Name: Withdrawn
why will you waste
so many regards on me
and not i of my silence

infer from it what you might
it is natural condition
my choice of inhumanity

intimacy with nature
withdrawn from man
compelled to solitude

in the sun and the moon
in the winter and the snow
i lay my hopes and dreams
Track Name: Stolid
dire thoughts endlessly in cycle
leaving behind solace and comfort
crushed with fears that accumulate
anxiety which comes with the spring

unable to touch
for fear of losing control
beginning the day
bitter and exhausted

gazing into the blue
emotion drained away
leaving only the road to nowhere
ahead looms an empty prospect

searing days
when the winter ends
nights wrapped
in sheets cold with sweat